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Navigating Workers' Compensation

Injured on the job? If so, count on our legal experience. Our team will help you navigate through the workers’ compensation laws in Stanwood and throughout the state.

Workers' Compensation in Washington

If you have been involved in a work-related injury or an occupational-related disease while an employee of the state of Washington, you could be entitled to certain benefits under the Washington Industrial Insurance Act and workers’ compensation system.

The Washington workers’ compensation system is run by the Department of Labor and Industries. The primary goal is to provide the maximum necessary and reasonable medical benefits that will promote a significant reduction in the impairment or disability caused by a work-related injury or occupationally related disease.

Wage Replacement

If your claim is open and you’re receiving medical treatment, your injury or disease could leave you temporarily unable to work or reduce your ability to work. What this means is that you could be entitled to certain wage replacement benefits.
Work injury

Vocational Retraining

If your injury or your disease progresses and you are no longer capable of performing your job, the Department of Labor and Industries may provide you with vocational benefits.
Worker's compensation

Permanent Partial Disability

Some disabilities can be long-lasting. If the Department of Labor and Industries believes you’ve reached your maximum medical improvement, they will attempt to determine whether you have suffered any permanent partial disability.

Total Permanent Disability or Pension

If your job-related impairment or disability is to the point where you are permanently unable to perform any type of reasonably continuous gainful employment, the Department of Labor and Industries could determine that you are permanently and totally disabled.

Disagreements With the Department

While there are many benefits available to injured workers under the Washington Industrial Insurance Act, there are sometimes many disagreements between the injured worker and the Department of Labor and Industries about which benefits are appropriate.

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Our focus is on helping you navigate the ins and outs of workers' compensation and Social Security disability law.
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