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Federal Social Security Disability Benefits

Allow the Law Office Of Dale Wagner to offer you advice if you have suffered an injury while on the job. We have the expertise to help you sign up for Social Security disability benefits if you’re in the Stanwood area.

About Disability Benefits

If you have been unable to work for 12 continuous calendar months due to a physical or mental health condition, you may be entitled to Social Security benefits based upon your prior earnings or those of a deceased spouse.

Your benefits are earned based on the premiums you paid into the system while you were employed. The amount of your benefit depends on the total premiums you paid over the years.

The law currently requires that you show earnings in 20 of the 40 calendar quarters prior to becoming disabled. Five out of the prior 10 years of employment can also be used.

Two-Step Analysis

The Social Security Administration and the independent administrative law judge use a two-step analysis to determine if your condition qualifies you as being legally disabled.

The first step examines whether or not your conditions meet or exceed a set of standards listed for impairments. If you meet these standards, regardless of your age, education or work experience, you would be found to be disabled.

Residual Function Capacity

The conditions themselves at times will not qualify you as disabled. If this occurs, the next step would be to examine your remaining physical and mental capacity to perform any work at all.
This is better known as your “residual function capacity.” While it’s combined with other factors such as age, education and prior work experience, it’s also compared to a grid system that will determine whether or not you are disabled.

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